Is Bigger Better? Corsair’s H110 280mm All-in-One is Put to the Test

9 Overall Score
Price: 9/10
Build Quality: 9/10
Performance: 9/10

Much quieter than H100i, Best in Class Performance

Larger than others | Asetek design

The Corsair H110 was installed on an Intel Core i7 3930K overclocked to 4GHz on an ASUS X79 Sabertooth motherboard. The Corsair test system included an Obsidian 650D midtower case and 16GB of RAM. Ambient room temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit, or 23 degrees Celsius. LinX was used to stress the CPU and CoreTemp64 was used to monitor temps at idle and load. An average of temps was taken. The comparison results include tests from one other location with near identical setups. The motherboard used in the second test setup for all other units besides the H110 and H100i was an EVGA X79 SLI.

While a direct comparison can be made between the two Corsair units, an indirect comparison can be made with the other units.

Idle CPU load shows that the H110 sits right at the front of the pack. It is a much improved cooling unit when compared directly to the H100i used in the same exact system.

Load temperatures fluctuate a bit on the H110, but overall, it sits near the top of the leader board. As well it should, given the increased cooling area and larger fans.

With the H110 retailing for $129.99 and offering a much quieter pump and fans, it is an almost no-brainer. The Swiftech H220 is still more silent over all and offers the ability to add to the loop with out modifying or voiding the warranty. The H110 is a larger unit. With a 280mm radiator and 140mm fans, you will need to check with your case manufacturer to see if it will fit. The results also show that, yes, bigger is better for cooling your CPU.

Overall, we are impressed with how well this all-in-one cools, but slightly disappointed to see that it is another rehashed product from Asetek. We understand that using a manufacturer like that can save you money, but it doesn’t mean much when there are many other companies using near identical designs. What it does show is that loyal customers to Corsair will choose them over other companies with similar designs. Corsair does have excellent customer service as well, so that can add to the H110’s appeal to many new and old customers.

If you can fit the H110 in your case, we recommend putting it on your short list of all-in-one cooling solutions. Many thanks goes out to Corsair for providing us with a review sample.


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