Is Bigger Better? Corsair’s H110 280mm All-in-One is Put to the Test

9 Overall Score
Price: 9/10
Build Quality: 9/10
Performance: 9/10

Much quieter than H100i, Best in Class Performance

Larger than others | Asetek design

Prior to mounting, we wanted to give some comparison shots of the H110 next to its predecessor, the H100i. The extra surface area provided by the 280mm radiator should improve up the already good cooling capabilities of the H1o0i.

The newer designed pump along with updated tubing should provide us with a more efficient and quieter unit than the earlier all-in-ones put out by Corsair.



The newer CPU block/pump combo unit on the H110 will give us just enough room to fit over the Intel Core i7 3930K being used in our testing rig. Thermal paste has already been applied from the factory, so there is no need to add some. That is, unless, you would prefer a different brand of paste.

While we begin our mounting process, below is a shot of the radiator without the fans mounted. For our setup used in this review, we will be mounting the fans on the bottom (relative to the position of the radiator in the picture below) of the radiator in order to pull the air through the 280mm rad and cool the fluid running through the tubing.

Next, we mount the hardware needed to the CPU water block/pump unit for the socket 2011 motherboard.

Socket 2011 motherboards do not require a mounting bracket. You simply screw the CPU water block/pump into position and tighten down all the way. That’s it. You can see in the pictures below the H110 fits rather well in the Corsair 650D case being used for testing. Notice the fans are on the “bottom” of the radiator in a pull fashion.

Up next we’ll cover numbers and compare to other units we have tested.


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