Is Bigger Better? Corsair’s H110 280mm All-in-One is Put to the Test

9 Overall Score
Price: 9/10
Build Quality: 9/10
Performance: 9/10

Much quieter than H100i, Best in Class Performance

Larger than others | Asetek design

In general, bigger is better, but that is relative to the subject of conversation.  Our topic of the day is Corsair’s H110.  It is a 280mm All-in-One liquid cooling solution designed to use 140mm fans instead of the more common 120mm ones.  With an increase in fan size you get an increase in radiator size, as well.  What this means is that users who could typically fit a 240mm radiator into their case may not have the room for the larger 280mm solution.   If you happen to have a case that can accommodate the H110, would it be worth your money to get one?

Many of our readers are familiar with Corsair as a company.  Some may not know that they make more than just memory these days.  To catch those that do not up to speed, Corsair now makes power supplies, peripherals (such as keyboards and mice), cases and cooling solutions, whether liquid or fan/heat sink based.  The H110 is the newest addition to their maintenance free water cooling solutions.  The others in this lineup include:

Asetek based

  • H40
  • H55
  • H70
  • H90
  • H110

CoolIT based

  • H60
  • H80i
  • H100i

Most manufacturers that offer maintenance free liquid cooling solutions have based their products off of two OEM companies, Asetek and CoolIT.  When comparing products like these, you will end up with similar test results.  What differentiates each company is the branding and slight tweaks to the design of each unit.  Fans that are included with these units also impact final results.  In the end, brand loyalty is a large factor in determining which product you are going to choose.

With our recent review of Swiftech’s H220, and it’s better than the H100i results, we wanted to give Corsair another chance with the H110.  This is where size is going to be a factor in performance.  The H220 from Swiftech uses 120mm fans and a 240mm radiator.  The H110 adds 40mm of radiator and fan to hopefully regain an advantage.


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