Intel E8700 Preview: The True Last Great Dual Core?

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Back in August of 2008 with “Codename Nehalem” on the horizon and rumors of quad, hex and octocore CPUs we made the prediction that the Intel E8600 was more than likely the last “great” dual core king. Turns out there were rumors shortly after the release of the E8600 that there would someday be an E8700 equipped with a 10.5x multiplier which could boost Core 2 Duo architecture over the coveted 7Ghz barrier and certainly lay claim to Super Pi, Aquamark, 3DMark 2001 SE and other similar world records. Fleeting rumors of an X8800, a fully unlocked dual core still surface periodically but these claims are unfounded and have very little validity at this time.


That being said, do we have in our hands the true last great Intel dual core? Obviously this early release chip is still on the E0 stepping which turned out to be a great thing compared to previous Wolfdale/Yorkfield steppings. We are not sure if the final release will come in a new stepping form, but early testing of this CPU has shown that E0 has possibly matured slightly, or this CPU is just an example of Intel’s highly binned silicon.


A full fledged review will follow shortly, we are wrapping up a few other reviews and the reviewer with the E8700 is in the midst of a move, but be patient and in a day or two we will have full results under air, water, DICE and Vapochill LS.





Nothing exciting as far as the chip goes, top and bottom look identical to the other 45nm Wolfdale dual cores.


[img]E8700 Stock.PNG[/img]


CPU-Z 1.50 Recognizes the CPU just fine and its stock speed of 333 x 10.5. We only have a single chip and the stock voltage read in CPU-Z is 1.168 with SpeedStep and C1E disabled at idle so we cannot determine if this is a high or low VID CPU just yet.


See the next page for a teaser to the first overclocking tests.

We won’t say much right now, but early testing shows that this will be a fun CPU to play with. Simple water cooling, 20 minutes of playing with the CPU and a Maximus II Formula results in 5.51Ghz bench stable in Windows 7 with 1.614v idle. Load voltage is around 1.616v read in CPU-Z with Load Line Enabled.


[img]E8700 OCed.PNG[/img]


Stay tuned for “Xtreme” cooling results! This CPU is a 3D01 and Super Pi addicts dream fix.

UPDATED! Read the full review here.

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