Intel E8700 Full Review – Air/Water/DICE/Phase

Overall Score

You saw the exciting “Preview” of the new dual core king – the E8700 from Intel.  Now you see the angry, sad, disappointed face staring back at you through your glossy monitor after seeing that you just got April Fooled.  Ashton Kutcher would be proud.


Do not lose all hope though!  Some well placed informants agree that the chip will indeed see the light of day and has even been available for pre-order (here) in a few non-US countries.  Intel even had a product page for the CPU up for a part of a day before the masses flocked to see it.  It was an “unintentional” leak.


It is certain that the chips do exist, just a matter of when they will be available or the chance that they won’t be (Like the QX9750 that the screenshot was originally taken of.)


I do promise a real look at the fabled chip when they become available.


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