In Win Commander 1200w

Overall Score

The box has a unique camouflage pattern. A small tear in the lower right hand corner due to shipping, but nothing that could possibly damage anything inside.

On this side of the box, we can clearly see many of the PSU’s features.
Also, on the back of the box, you can find the PSU specifications. We will be going through this a bit later in the review.

Securely packed in form-fitted foam, we can see the In Win Commander 1200w. The packaging appears to be protective enough to withstand nearly any shock or drop. You may also notice that the casing of the PSU is an olive drab color. No, that is not the camera playing tricks; the PSU is actually olive drab. Quite unique, and in some cases, could be just the touch you’re looking for.

A good selection of connectors is included:
One 20+4 (24 Pin) ATX connector
One 4+4 (8 Pin) ATX 12v connector
One 8 Pin ATX 12v connector
Eight 4 pin Molex connectors
Ten SATA power connectors
Two Floppy power connectors
Three 6 pin PCIe power connectors
Three 6+2 (8 pin) PCIe power connectors

Much like our last PSU review, the manufacturer has been nice enough to include a second ATX 12v connector. Most users will not make use of both, but owners of dual socket motherboards may find that their board requires this. The generous selection of Molex and SATA power cables will be great for those powering several hard drives, fans and accessories. Six PCIe connectors is enough for up to three high powered GPUs.

It appears that In Win has chosen a sort of variation on a PCIe power connector for the modular ports. They also took the effort to color code them according to their use and power rail. The black ports are for the SATA and Molex connectors, while the red and blue attach to the the PCIe power connectors. Here we also see the cable sleeving does not extend inside the metal PSU casing. It is our humble opinion the cable sleeving looks better and protects the wires from the metal edges when it starts inside the casing of the PSU.

A striking contrast with that olive drab color, the yellow painted side label proclaims many pertinent facts about the PSU. Personally, I think it looks pretty good.


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