Huawei Matebook X Pro i7-8550U, 16GB Mem, 512GB NVMe

9 Overall Score
Price Tag: 10/10
Performance: 9/10
Features: 10/10

Great Hardware | Flexible | Feature Rich | Great Atmos Sound

Oh boy...


I always like to dive into the simpler things in life.  Sometimes things are pretty complex, and are not very easy to setup.  So its good to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

It shows a Huawei logo screen before, but the laptop is so quick, that it goes to Windows loading screen very quickly.

Select what language you speak is the second screen you come upon.

After this you are hit with the Cortana…  Which you quickly mute, because nobody wants to listen to Cortana.

Next screen is selecting your region.

Keyboard Layout.  Seems like they should be able to simplify this process.

Wireless network selection.

Wait for just a moment.

You have two ways of signing into your laptop.  One is an offline account, the other is using a Microsoft account.  With Microsoft caught in spying on their customers, I tend to do offline accounts,  but to all their own.

Are you sure you want to do an offline account?

Pick your username.

I ALWAYS recommend using a strong password here.

Then you get hit with the Cortana again.

This is pretty important section.  Government basically made Microsoft put this in, because of the amount of information Windows 10 collects from its users in earlier versions.  I always recommend to turn all of this stuff off if you want to keep your information private.

All options turned off.  This stops from them listening to your voice, knowing where you are, key strokes, websites you visit, etc etc.

This concludes the setup of the laptop.  Not bad.

And several minutes later.  Ok, It didn’t really take that long.  Went pretty quickly maybe 30-60 seconds.


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