Google Pixelbook Intel Core-i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD

4.66 Overall Score
Price Tag: 4/10
Performance: 7/10
Features: 3/10

Decent Hardware | Lightweight

It's Chrome OS | Expensive | It's Chrome OS


So this is a little tricky as this is essentially an android device/tablet with a keyboard attach.  While the hardware itself is a x86 based processor versus ARM processor. I want to be extremely fair here, and I want to use something that is unified.  Something that I can test on multiple platforms.  Of course I mean Geekbench.

I am glad that geekbench is workable on the Chromebook.  This will give us a good “base-line” on what performance is compared to other devices.  So lets run it, lets see what this hardware can do!

I honestly was surprised to see the application running in essentially an android phone aspect.  Wonder if this is just the software, or if this is just how it is on Chromebook.

Ok,  We’ve got our preliminary numbers from this device.  Geekbench was ran with no power cord connected, as I know that some devices will actually speed up when plugged in.  This is a mobile device, and battery life was above 90% when tested.  If you want to review Geekbench results please click here. (


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