Google Pixelbook Intel Core-i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD

4.66 Overall Score
Price Tag: 4/10
Performance: 7/10
Features: 3/10

Decent Hardware | Lightweight

It's Chrome OS | Expensive | It's Chrome OS

I think it is safe to say that Google is here to stay.  What I do like is these predominantly software companies coming out with their own hardware.  Hardware built in their own image.  Microsoft got tired of all of the major hardware companies just not building a nice product.  Apple has been doing this for quite sometime now, so when Microsoft said, “If you guys wont do it, we will”, and later released the Surface and Surface Pro.  It wowed everybody.  You can make great hardware, and make things look nice, without necessarily compromising performance, or usability.

Google has created a lot of different phones, and in my own personal opinion.  I think if you’re going to use Android,  might as well use it in its purest form.  Nexus, and now Pixel.  There are more and more companies following this philosophy, and building Android devices with the bare minimum.  Lightweight OS’s, and not a whole lot of bloatware/malware (as I like to call it).

So the question is.  How does Google do in the Notebook/Laptop arena?  Lets dive in, and see what we like, and do not like about the new Google Pixelbook.


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