Gaming Mouse Showdown: Sentinel vs Mamba

10 Overall Score


The stage has been set for a gruesome fight between two top-of-the-line gaming mice. For a full review of the Sentinel, you can go here. For the full review on the Mamba, you can go here. To start things off, we will take a quick look at the manufacture’s highlights of each mouse starting with the Sentinel:

  • Customizable OLED display
  • On-the-fly DPI adjustment up to 5600DPI
  • Onboard memory for saving profiles and other settings
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • 1000Hz Polling rate with 1ms response time
  • Max speed of 235 inches per second
  • 50g max acceleration
  • Adjustable weight system

Next, let’s look at the Mamba’s manufacturer’s feature list:

  • Gaming grade wireless technology
  • Dual mode wired/wireless functionality
  • On board memory
  • On-the-fly DPI adjustments up to 5600DPI
  • 1000Hz Polling rate with 1ms Response time
  • Up to 200 inches per second max tracking speed
  • 50g max acceleration
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Amazng packaging

Both the Mamba and the Sentinel feature 5600DPI laser sensors, the Mamba with a single and the Sentinel with a dual doppler. We tested both mice on multiple gaming grade surfaces and our desktop. Each one gave us pinpoint accuracy and responsiveness through any type of movement we could throw at them. Obviously, a gaming grade surface provided use with more accurate response than a cheap pad or our desktop. Our UT3 testing consisted of 180 degree turning, advanced wall dodging, shooting still and moving targets while moving or standing still. Standing still is a great way to take strafing out of the equation when testing mice. Both mice were quick and accurate and responded very well to quick hand gestures. A slight difference occured when lifting each mouse off the pad. Both showed relatively good performance, but the Philips Twin Doppler Laser sensor used in the Sentinel seemed to give the edge in tracking when being lifted up and put back down.

The Sentinel comes equipped with five (5) 4.5g weights that can be added individually to add up to 22.5g of weight to the mouse. This kind of weight system allows you to adjust the feel of the mouse in your hand whether you prefer a light mouse or something heavy. The Mamba lacks a weight adjustment system and the only way to add weight to it is to install the battery. If you are one who prefers a light mouse, either one will work in this instance. But, if you like a heavy mouse, or prefer to add and subtract weight depending on the games you play, then the Sentinel is the better choice.


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