Gaming Mouse Showdown: Sentinel vs Mamba

10 Overall Score

When writing this article we decided to consult some competitive, professional level gamers. Why? Gaming mice are specifically designed for serious gamers… competitive gamers. The two mice used in this article were developed by companies that invested a lot of money and resources in creating a mouse that will(hopefully) give a gamer the edge to win. The internet is littered with hundreds of gaming mouse reviews that were written by non-competitive gamers. The author of this article is guilty of such a one in his original Sentinel mouse review. These articles lack information that an expert gamer is looking for or what should be in an article that is about a gaming mouse. This one aims to correct that.

Which leads us to the next section, The Showdown. In The Showdown, the stage is set for a fight to the finish as we try to determine which mouse, the Sentinel or Mamba, is the better gaming peripheral. Read on to see what goes down.


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