G.Skill demos DDR3 2200 Core i7 at Computex

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Xtreme CPU had a chance to drop by the G.Skill booth at Computex last week, and we were pleasantly surprised with some of their upcoming offerings.  G.Skill had a DDR3 2200 CL9(9-9-9-24) triple channel kit up and running at 1.65V.

[timg]ddr3 2200.JPG[/timg]

On display was a 2000MHz CL7(7-8-7-20 1.65V) kit.  Both the DDR3 2200 and 2000 kits are part of G.Skills new Perfect Storm branded memory kits.

[timg]ddr3 2000 cl7.JPG[/timg]

Also up and running was a new line of SSD’s from G.Skill, dubbed Falcon Series.  These new SSD’s offer up to 230MB/s read speeds and up to 190MB/s write speeds.  The new Falcon SSD’s use the Indilinx controller with 64 MB of onboard cache.

[timg]falcon ssd.JPG[/timg]

We also saw G.Skill’s SO-DIMM lineup which included some sticks with heatspreaders.  How effective are heatspreaders on SO-DIMMs?  Not that much of an improvement, but they looked cool.  Too bad you don’t really see notebook memory other than when changing it out.  Maybe with these new SO-DIMMs with heatspreaders hitting the market notebook manufacturers can add a window on the cover where you change out the memory.  Either way, more effective removal of heat output in a notebook is welcome.

[timg]so dimm.JPG[/timg]



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