Flash Drive Roundup: A Dynamic Review

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No matter what you call it, a flash drive, USB memory stick, thumb drive, “zip” drive, or any other synonym, portable data has become a necessity to PC users in all lines of work.  Gone are the days of carrying a dozen floppy discs around, and gone are the more recent times of highly priced 1GB flash drives that seemed oh so big at the time.  I remember thinking, “Who would need 1GB of storage in their pocket?”

Now I sit here with a handful of 8, 16, and 32GB drives and am readily aware that 64GB “thumb” sized drives are available (albeit out of the price range of this reviewer).  As so often occurs in the PC industry, what was once a figment of our imagination that evolved into a novelty, has downshifted once more to a necessity.  For the time being these large flash drives (my chosen synonym) are being put to use by IT professionals, college students, video editors, photographers and anyone who could possibly have a reason to carry a fair amount of data on their keychain or in their pocket.  I personally have grown fond of carrying a drive fast enough that I can happily run FireFox on it and save all my bookmarks and settings (I rarely use the same PC two days in a row at school) as well as a few smaller games that run on not-so-current hardware.  I have even been known to play EQ Emulator straight from the drive with all my UI settings and information intact!

This article represents what will hopefully be the first of a series of “roundups” of some of the more common, or in some cases exotic, drives on the market and my goal is to help you get the best drive for your needs.

200GB of portable storage:


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