DVD To MKV With 5.1 Sound Guide

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Tools Needed:
•    MeGUI
•    AVISynth 2.5

Ok after hours and hours of fiddling around I figured out how to get DVD’s into MKV files with 5.1 surround sound. It sounds easy enough but all the big dog tools like Nero Recode downmixed the sound to 2.0 and I wasn’t about to stand for that. I tried several tools like AutoMKV and MKVMagic but to no avail. I’m not entirely sure what was going on but I know one thing: they weren’t working.

Then I found MeGUI and a guide to making x264 files for the PS 3. From there I read it and extracted the relevant information and ignored everything about compatibility with PS 3.

Note: I’ve had the best success using XP. Vista has tossed a few curveballs that I haven’t ironed out yet.

Disclaimer: I’m not a video expert by any stretch. I don’t know jack crap about the advanced options so don’t ask for my opinion because I’ve got nothing to offer.

First, acquire the three tools listed and install them (all are freeware). The third tool is needed for step two but due to legal reasons I won’t tell you how to accomplish step two.

Second, rip a DVD to your HDD. I’d love to say more but the best I can do is to say make sure the ripped file isn’t segmented.

Next, open up MeGui. It will probably ask you if you want to update your files, click “Yes” and wait. You will be asked which profiles to import, use shift to select them all (just in case) and click “Ok.” After MeGui updates you will need to restart the program (not your computer) so let it. Then when you reopen it you’ll see two basic sections: audio and video.


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