DoubleSight DS-70U 7″ USB Display

Overall Score

The DS-70U may be a small screen, but it comes in handy in many situations. In the image above, we have been using this USB monitor to keep track of time, CPU usuage, CPU and system temperatures, weather and other communication programs like yahoo messanger or XFIRE. You could be wondering why someone would want to buy this monitor in lieu of a second, larger monitor. The simple explanation is desk space. The DS-70U takes up very little room. Many desktop owners are limited to the space available on their desks and this monitor is an excellent solution for the spacially challenged.

Mobile users will find this monitor very useful, as well. Multi-tasking on-the-go is a common practice among business persons. The DS-70U is small, light and can easily store in a notebook carrier. The 7″ screen comes in handy for families, too. Moms and Dads can work on their laptops and let their little one watch a movie on the DS-70U. Playback is limited to 480P, but on this size of a screen, quality is still excellent. There was no tearing or glitching during our movie playback on this monitor.

Overall, we are pleased with our experiences with the DS-70U. The price may be a factor for some, but its portability and size make up for higher pricetag. Let us know what you think of this unit in our forums and what uses you would have for it.

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