DFI LanParty Jr P45 T2RS and Dual 4870X2’s

Overall Score


Today we take a quick look at how well a single 4870X2 and dual 4870X2’s perform on DFI’s amazing LanParty Jr P45 T2RS motherboard.  You take a look at our complete review of the LanParty Jr motherboard here.

The test setup includes the following:

  • DFI LanParty Jr P45 T2RS
  • QX9650
  • 2x HD Radeon 4870X2’s
  • 2GB DDR2 800MHz OCZ Gold Memory
  • WD 250GB HDD
  • PC Power and Cooling 1kw SR Power Supply

On the software side we have the following:

  • 3dmark06
  • 3dmark Vantage
  • UT3
  • GRID
  • Crysis
  • FarCry 2

Both 3dmark benchmarks were run at defualt settings.  In 3dmark Vantage, PPU is disabled by default on AMD based videocards.  All games were run at max available in game settings and at a resolution of 1680×1050.  Catalyst 8.11 drivers were used in all tests as well as all updates to Windows and each game was updated to the latest version.


Without a doubt, that is one filled up motherboard.  DFI has done an excellent job in designing the LanParty Jr mATX board to accommodate two 4870X2’s.  There is enough room on the bottom of the board to allow access to the front panel I/O headers as well as the USB headers and floppy cable. 



Any way you look at it, seeing two 4870X2’s on a mATX board is an intimidating sight.  Let’s hope the results are as impressive as the setup!

We start the test results with 3dmark06 and Vantage.  Each benchmark is used to ‘gauge’ the performance of your gpu or gpu’s.  3dmark Vantage is designed in the same way with the addition of Directx 10 support and compatible with Windows Vista only.  When looking at the graphs below, please keep in mind that 4870X2/1 indicates a single card and 4870X2/2 represents two cards in CrossfireX.  Each test was run at 3GHz and then again at 3.8GHz to see how overclocking affects overall performance.



In 3dmark06, a single 4870X2 gives an excellent score.  In comparison, the HD 4850 from our previous LanParty Jr review scored 13485 3dmarks.  The 4870X2 offers over 4000 more 3dmarks than the 4850.  Scaling from one to two 4870X2’s gives you a nice boost in performance.  While the result isn’t linear, it certainly is a noticeable improvment.

Vantage offers similar gains on a single card, but requires some more CPU speed in order to feed the dual card setup.  Luckily, the LanParty Jr P45 board is an excellent overclocker as well.

Moving on to the games, we start with Unreal Tournament III and work our way down to GRID, Crysis and ending up at FarCry 2.




[img]FarCry 2_P45.jpg[/img]

In each game with the exception of GRID we see that the LanParty Jr P45 board delivers enormous results.  Moving from one card to two 4870X2’s gives you an added boost in each game, except for GRID, and adding more CPU speed results in higher framerates, as well.

There is no doubt that the DFI LanParty Jr P45 T2RS is nothing but extrodinary.  Offering performance in a mATX motherboard that rivals highend X48 setups is a very impressive feat.  Once again, the price for the performance you get with this mobo can’t be beat.  If you are looking for a killer motherboard to feature in a mATX case this is the one for you.  Instead of lugging a huge full tower setup to your next Lan Party, you can pack the same punch in a much smaller package.

Stay tuned for an indepth look at overclocking this magnificient motherboard!

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