Dell Viking DCS

8 Overall Score
Build Quality: 8/10
Performance: 8/10

Very Effective | Compact | Energy Effecient

Build quality | No USB Ports | Pripriatary Video Port

Power supplies for the Viking are sourced from LiteOn, and this is the first time that any of us have seen a power supply from LiteOn. We learn something new everytime we do a review.

This is the service power. This is suppose to provide a single point to get into each server. IPMI/KVM over IP, and Power control for each given server.

There are two power ports in the rear with cables that run to the front of the case so that the power supplies are hot swappable from the front.

Taking the lid off the Viking we can see there are 6 120mmx55mm high flow fans. I’ve noticed when plugging the DCS in, only one works at a time. This might be because it’s a N+1 type system (If Fan 1 fails Fan2 kicks in for it).

Power cables running from the rear to the front, to the power supplies, back to the rear where they attach to the backplane. Seems a little wierd to do it this way What do I know.

Here’s a full picture of the backplane. The fan unit unscrews from the side, then pulls back to be released from the chassis. If you need to replace the fans, your more than likely going to have to power down all 12 units replace the fans, and then power them up. This is probably why I think they are utilizing the N+1 method. Backplane is also very … thin. Powering 12 systems I would have expected it to be built link a tank. This is a demo unit, so production units could be a bit stronger.

I think this is the IPMI module under the heat sink. Im not 100% sure on the technical specs on how the backplane works at all. I’m not sure if losing this thing will result in full system failure or not. I believe they have a 24 hour replacement time on this line of server unlike the PowerEdge servers that you can get a 4 hour replacement time on them.

Next page we will look at racking this thing up.


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