DDR2 On A Budget

Overall Score

Which is the clear cut winner? Trying to come up with a winner in terms of wins to losses is quite difficult. No one RAM dominated any category with to a point that it came out as the clear winner. At times the differences between scores were so small (within 5 seconds on the encoding tests, and within 50pts on the synthetic tests and frames per second gaming runs), that we’d have to chalk it up to the margin of error. But there is an exception to this rule. The Buffalo Technology FireStix performed admirably in the overclocking tests, beating out everyone else in terms of consistency and the fact that it always reached its maximum overclock. Even though it is the most expensive at $99.00, the price gap between all the sticks (ranging around $10 to $20) is small enough that it’s worth spending the extra money for good quality sticks.

So can good performance be had for a good price? Especially if you’re on a budget? Yes, most definitely it can as illustrated previously. Don’t let the price fool you. These sticks sacrifice nothing in terms of performance or overclocking.



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