DDR2 On A Budget

Overall Score

Do you need to spend over $150 to get good performance out of your RAM? Do you need sticks with astronomical price tags, super low latency, and data rates higher than you can count for good gaming performance? Do you need DDR3 to get the most out of your AMD or Intel? In the following review, we’ll take a look at 10 different sets of DDR2 800 sticks, all costing less than $100 and see how they stack up in our battery of tests.


With the debut of DDR3, the price of DDR2 has drop significantly, sometimes even by half or more. This is normal for the computer industry. New and "better" product debuts, old tech drops significantly. This doesn’t mean the old tech is useless, it’s just a boon to us.

Why weren’t any sticks of DDR3 in the review for comparison? Because they’re astronomically expensive and in short supply. Not to mention, just like DDR to DDR2, they are not backwards compatible. At the time of review, we still had not received a DDR3 compatible motherboard.




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