Cosmos S: The S Class for Enthusiast

9 Overall Score
Quality: 9/10
Design: 9/10
Performance: 8/10
The Packaging

The packaging, as one receives the case, is often an indicator on the quality of the product. Corner cutting often includes the choice of material used to ship and protect the case. Opening the top first reveals the standard polystyrene form-molded packaging material; however, tucked away, and just visible, was what appears to be a knot. Yes, a knot. After close inspection that not was the closure of a sock and the entire case is wrapped inside this sock. It was not the weak or thin poly-fibrous material you see in other case packing jobs, but a true, draw-string sock. We took the time and space to show this as it not only exudes a certain care in packaging, but more importantly, it also ensures that what you pull out will be in pristine condition. Well done Cooler Master! Just look at it… kind of enticing isn’t it (insert burlesque music here).

Included with the case are several accessories, a 12 VDC extension cable (the importance will be evident later), more than enough screws and stand-offs, tie wraps, a 3.5” conversion kit to convert another 5.25” bay, and the hardly useful speaker (necessary for POST messaging).


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