Corsair Obsidian 800D

9.7 Overall Score

When talking with Corsair about the inspiration behind the Obsidian 800D, we were given feedback from one of its principle designers, George Makris who had this to say about putting it all together:

“Basically the Obsidian 800D came into being after years of building systems for us. Robert(Pearce), myself, and a few others would sit around with cases we’ve had for personal use, or cases we’d use for trade shows, and we’d talk about features. “Wouldn’t it be great if they had cable routing holes” or “why don’t they have front-accessible hot-swap bays like servers?” and so on. After a while, we were in a position to enter the case market, so we started putting things down on paper. We started with the functionality. Inside the case, what did we want? Once we’d specified our internal requirements, we started talking about size, materials, colors, that sort of thing.Then we started building it. From our first conversation about it to the actual unit hitting shelves took over a year, but it was worth it I think.”

Robert Pearce is the Senior Technical Marketing Specialist for Corsair. George Makris is the Manager of Case and Cooling Products for Corsair.
George hints at a year’s time as being a bit long, but we think, and we hope you agree, that what Corsair has accomplished in that time is remarkable. From a company that began as a high-speed module maker back in 1994, they have set a new bar in the world of enthusiast cases. To date, we have not worked with a better case as far as wire management is concerned. The overall simplistic styling of the Obsidian 800D makes its appeal reach a broader base of consumers. One of the few drawbacks, for those interested in this case, is the price. Set at $299, the 800D is not cheap, but we feel that the price is reflected in the quality of craftsmanship.
The only other complaints we have is the stiffness in the cabling provided for the hot swap backplane and the difficulty with the windowed side panel when attempting to remove it. Xtreme CPU has nothing but praise for what is a top notch case and the first from Corsair. That seems hard to believe, but it just goes to show that if a company is dedicated to a cause, something like the Obsidian 800D can be born.
We would like to thank Corsair for helping us bring this review to our front page and we look forward to working with more of their fine products in the future.
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