Corsair H100i vs The Swiftech H220

10 Overall Score
Build: S vs C: 10/10
Noise: S vs C: 10/10
Add-on: S vs C: 10/10

Swiftech: Easily outperforms competition

Corsair: Rehashed CoolIT design that does not perform as well

With our recent review of the Swiftech H220 up on our front page, we found it necessary to do a further comparison with Corsair’s H100i.  The H100i is Corsair’s newest all-in-one liquid cooling solution with designs based on CoolIt’s OEM products.  This comparison review will be done using our existing data from the H220 and custom liquid cooling solution along with a similarly spec’d system in identical ambient temperatures with near identical setups.

The Corsair H100i was installed on an Intel Core i7 3930K overclocked to 4GHz on an ASUS X79 Sabertooth motherboard.  The Corsair test system included an Obsidian 650D midtower case and 16GB of RAM.  Ambient room temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit, or 23 degrees Celsius.  LinX was used to stress the CPU and CoreTemp64 was used to monitor temps at idle and load.  An average of temps was taken.

Since each test system is nearly identical, operating in identical ambient temps, a comparison of each system can be made.

Idle results show the Corsair H100i to be a few degrees above the Swiftech H220 overall. The results at idle are close enough that they are basically the same. When we look at load temps, we can’t say the same thing. With temperature differences as high as 10 degrees Celsius above the H220, the Corsair H100i seems to be no match.

Corsair’s website has the H100i listed at $119.99, roughly $30 less that Swiftech’s H220. With the Swiftech unit offering better cooling, near silent operation (the H100i is considerably noisier at full load) and the ability to be added on without hacking, it is the clear winner. Corsair does have another unit called the H110 that uses dual 140mm fans and radiator. It is priced at $129.99. Again, you can’t addon to this setup without hacking, but we would be curious as to its performance compared to the Swiftech H220.

We are working on getting a review unit for such a comparison.

Product page for the Corsair H100i
Product page for the Swiftech H220
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