Corsair and OCZ showcase new products at Computex 2009

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[timg]colassus_01.JPG[/timg] [timg]Colassus_02.JPG[/timg]

OCZ had its Colossus SSD on display at Computex 2009.  The Colossus is not your typical SSD.  It fits the 3.5" form factor without an adapter and will be offered in capacities up to 1TB.  The 1TB version on display will cost you though.  A whopping $2800usd is what the Colossus 1TB SSD will likely cost you.  Write and read speeds were impressive with both maxing out at 265MB/s. 

[timg]Neutrino_ion diy netbook.JPG[/timg] [timg]diy 17 notebook.JPG[/timg]

OCZ had a Neutrino DIY netbook on display with plans for an ION version once the availability of that platform improves.  On display next to the Neutrino was a DIY notebook with options for a Core 2 Duo/Extreme/Quad core processor and a 9600GTS.  The DIY notebook is Centrino 2 compliant.


The Sabre Keyboard with Smart OLED Technology was also on display.  The OCZ Sabre comes with 9 programmable OLED keys.  The OLED keys can be programmed with macros and will also change on-the-fly while you alternate through applications.  Retail pricing will be around $299 and availability should be within a few months.

[timg]pcpc910.JPG[/timg] [timg]OCZ PSUs.JPG[/timg]

A few new power supplies were being displayed in OCZ’s suite, as well.  A PC Power and Cooling Silencer 910 was on display along with the new Z series 80+ Gold certified OCZ PSUs.  The Z850 and Z1000 will be modular while the Z550 and Z650 will not.


[timg]800d_01.JPG[/timg] [timg]800d_02.JPG[/timg] [timg]800d_03.JPG[/timg]

[timg]800d_04.JPG[/timg] [timg]800d_05.JPG[/timg] [timg]800d_06.JPG[/timg]

[timg]800d_07.JPG[/timg] [timg]800d_08.JPG[/timg] [timg]800d_09.JPG[/timg]


Corsair had their newest case on display at Computex 2009, the Obsedian 800d.  As you can see, Corsair chose to keep the exterior of the case simple and classic.  The case is made of mostly steel with an aluminum front bezel.  The inside is painted black to offer a clean and complete look.  As you can see from the interior, the 800d is made for water cooling.  You can fit a 360mm rad at the top of the case.  There are two sets of water tubing holes located on the back of the case for additional external radiators.

The front of the case has a door that opens to reveal the hot-swap hard drive bay area.  The display case here used Icydock bay adapters to accommodate 2.5" SSDs.  Corsair is working on their own drive bay adapter that will most likely ship with the 800d.  The hot-swap back plate is included, though, which is a nice touch.

The box you see on the hard drive area on the inside of the case contains a fan that pulls air through the hard drive bay.  Cable management was an important design goal of the 800d.  As you can see for the pictures above, Corsair has implemented a unique and very effective cable management system.  Go ahead and put that Dremel away, you won’t be needing for this case.  The motherboard tray has a removable backplate that allows for CPU cooler removal without taking out the entire mobo.  There is also extra space between the back of the motheboard and where the side panel fits.  This allows the mobo tray to act as a plenum pulling hot air away from the system and out the back of the case.

Expect to pay for the quality craftmanship that went into this enthusiast level case.  Retail pricing looks to be above $300 with availablility in a couple months. 

 [timg]IMG_2472.JPG[/timg] [timg]H50.JPG[/timg]

The H50 is Corsairs high performance CPU cooler.  It is a maintenance free water cooling setup similar to the Cool IT Domino.  The difference is that Corsair seems to have created a solution able to cool an overclocked Core i7 processor enough to top the TRUE 120 at the same settings.  We were witness to two identical systems, save for the CPU coolers.  System 1 used a TRUE 120, system 2 had Corsairs H50.  The H50 was able to cool the i7 975 by 15C more than the TRUE 120 with Prime95 running 8 threads.  That is really impressive for this type of water cooling setup and to make it even sweeter, the retail price is going to be around $79 in the US.  Look for our review once samples are available.

[timg]IMG_2478.JPG[/timg] [timg]AMD DDR3 1800.JPG[/timg]

The last thing we were shown by Corsair was a dual channel DDR3 Dominator GT kit running at 1800MHz CL6.  What is interesting about this kit is that it was running on an AMD setup with a Phenom II Black Edition clocked at 3.7GHz. 



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