Corsair 250D Mini-ITX Case

9.7 Overall Score
Quality: 10/10
Room in Case: 9/10
Watercooling!: 10/10

Clean | Fun to build | Watercooling in a SFF Case

More room on Radiator side for access to memory

The Build

The build here was not too bad at all.  I honestly had so much fun building this system, that I did not get many good pictures at all of the build itself.  I started off by building the mainboard, and components on the mainboard.

I was able to get a few shots of the mainboard before I put it in.

Of course a few glamour shots.  hehe

Power supply fit in there very easily and nicely.

Easy access if your using a modular power supply.

I sort of had a lapse in time between installing the power supply, and everything else.  Again I apologize for this.  This was an extremely fun build process for me, and it appears that I got a little carried away.

Everything fits into the case very well which is amazing news.  The one gripe that I did have is the memory slot is right up against the cooler itself, so the only way to remove memory once the cooling is installed is remove the H100i radiator.  I also did not like how I had to run the 4-Pin ATX cable to the rear of the mainboard.  I wish there was just a better way of running this cable.  Maybe I didn’t see it.

I also removed the 140mm fan, and replaced it with a 200mm fan.  It was sort of a pain to install a 200mm fan,  nobody really sells these 200mm fans aside from Coolermaster it seems.  Maybe when other brands start to come out with these fans fitment will be a lot better.

Radiator fitment is very nice in this case.  No qualms about being able to get watercooling into a SFF case.  I think the next time I build one of these tho, I will opt for a custom loop with reservoir and everything.


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