CoolerMaster Silent Pro M 700w

8.9 Overall Score

5 Year Warranty, Modular Cabling, 80 Plus Efficiency Rating, Reasonable Price, Cable Sleeving extends into PSU casing

Voltage regulation during Crossloading tests, Some Teapo Brand Taiwanese Capacitors


Opening the CoolerMaster Silent Pro M’s box, we first see the fan- an eleven bladed, Young Lin Tech branded model. At 135mm in diameter, this unit should be quiet and effective.



From these pictures, we can easily see a few key features. First off, the heatsinks in this unit are really quite large. Another feature of the heatsinks is that they are not purely aluminum- the surface of the heatsink that touches the components is actually copper. This should help with heat transfer, potentially increasing the lifespan of the unit, along with improving the voltage characteristics. We can also see that the sleeving on the ATX and 12v connectors extends fully inside the casing. In our opinion, that yields a much cleaner and finished look on the outside. As always with CoolerMaster, the design of the PSU is a unique in-house design. This isn’t very common these days, as the majority of PSUs are made by one of the large OEMs. (Seasonic, CWT, FSP, etc.)



The primary capacitors are from a popular Japanese source- Nippon Chemicon. Capacitors from Nippon Chemicon are of very high quality. The secondary capacitors, on the other hand, are made by a Taiwanese brand, Teapo. Teapo is an extremely popular brand. Historically, their capacitors are of midrange quality. From these observations, I see no reason that this unit should not work wonderfully for years to come. Overall, the build quality looks to be pretty good. We’d like to see a Japanese brand for the secondary capacitors, but we really can’t fault CoolerMaster for chosing Teapo in this price range.



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