CoolerMaster Silent Pro M 700w

8.9 Overall Score

5 Year Warranty, Modular Cabling, 80 Plus Efficiency Rating, Reasonable Price, Cable Sleeving extends into PSU casing

Voltage regulation during Crossloading tests, Some Teapo Brand Taiwanese Capacitors

The CoolerMaster Silent Pro M 700w comes packed into a somewhat curious box. Like the Thermaltake XT 775w, the box itself is generic, with an extra added piece of tagboard proclaiming the specifications of the PSU. The only logical reason to do this is so that CoolerMaster can use the same box for more than one Silent Pro M series PSU.


Looking at the back of the box, we can see that there is a good deal of information there. It also proclaims the features of the unit. This includes “Japanese-made Capacitor.” (at least there’s one, right?) Also note that you can take a look at the “Colse shot.” (obviously referring to the Close-up shots) The spelling on the box has no bearing whatsoever on the unit’s performance, but this is something that really shouldn’t make it onto the retail packaging. One interesting thing you can see in this picture is the heatsink design; which is a copper and aluminum design. Unique, to be sure. We’ll take a closer look later in the review.


This is where it gets interesting. Opening the box, we can see that it opens in a clamshell fashion. The cardboard, manual, CD, and noise dampeners sit on top of the unit, exactly as shown. This made for a very snug fit. However, the unit is not encased in foam or bubble wrap. After being slipped inside of a plastic bag, the unit sits directly on the cardboard box. It can’t move inside the box, but there isn’t much in the way of padding.


Included with the Silent Pro M 700w are the User’s Manual, the Warranty Card, four screws for installing the unit, rubber noise dampers, and a CD which is simply a digital copy of the included paper manual. The rubber noise dampers should help to achieve a lower amount of noise output from the unit, as it should reduce vibrations, a large source of annoyance.



Here, we can see that the fan in this unit is a rather large one, this should keep noise down- hopefully living up to it’s ‘Silent Pro’ moniker. We can also see the modular connector ports. They seem to work fairly well. The sleeving on the ATX and ATX 12v connectors is well done, and extends fully into the casing of the PSU. The finish is a black, textured semi-gloss paint that should be resistant to scratching. It also seems to be fingerprint resistant, always a plus!

Included in the cabling we can see:

  • One 20+4 (24 Pin) ATX connector
  • One 4+4 (8 Pin) ATX 12v connector
  • Two 6+2 (8 Pin) PCIe power connectors
  • Nine SATA power connectors
  • Five 4 Pin Molex connectors
  • One Floppy power connector


We find this selection lacking in one regard- the PCIe power connectors. It is nice to see that both of the cables are 6+2 pin since many cards require one or more of them. However, the problem lies in the amount of them. At 700w, the user may well be looking to use multiple graphics cards. Most newer high performance GPUs require two PCIe power connectors each. This severely limits the Silent Pro M 700w’s usefulness in a high end gaming system, as the user will be required to buy either a multi-GPU card, or use Molex to PCIe power adapters. In a PSU at the 700w range, there really should be four PCIe power cables included. On another note, the flat power cables should be very neat, and should not snag on anything during installation. As you may remember from above, there are only four ports to install the five peripheral power strands- so the buyer will have to decide what is needed.


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