CoolerMaster Aquagate S1

6.5 Overall Score
Performance: 7/10
Quality: 9/10
Stability: 8/10

Packaging and Contents


Cooler Master did well with the Aquagate S1 packaging. In addition to the window in the front, there is a carrying handle and the top of the box simply flips up to reveal the contents. The back of the box lists specs and features. Inside, two pieces of plastic hold the contents in place to avoid any damage during shipping. This kit is designed to install inside the case, either on the rear or side panel in place of a 120mm exhaust fan.

Inside the box, we have the radiator with 120mm fan, water block with pump mounted on top of it (more on my thought of that later..), universal mounting bracket, installation hardware, coolant refill tool, thermal paste, and instruction manual (conspicuously absent from my sample). The system comes pre-filled with blue colored coolant, but unfortunately no extra is included.

The radiator is constructed of all aluminum and has a blue LED 120mm fan attached to it. The fan speed is controlled by the attached rheostat that is mounted on a PCI slot bracket. This all receives power via a 3-pin connector.

The coolant reservoir is contained within this unit. The coolant can be refilled by removing the screw in the upper left corner and using the injector to add more to the reservoir. The manual has diagrams showing how to do this, and also states that no coolant should be added for six months.

At the end of the 3/8 inch tubes running from the radiator are the water block and pump. The water block is constructed of all copper and the base has a smooth and flat mirror finish to make full contact with a CPU. With a surface this smooth, I recommend a silicon based thermal interface to a metal based TIM.

Attached to the top of the water block is a tiny pump. Cooler Master claims it moves 200L of coolant per hour at 21 dB-A. This also receives power from a 3-pin connector.


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