Cooler Master Unleashes the HAF X

9.7 Overall Score

Whether you like the military styling or not, the HAF X is a sharp looking chassis. With room for enormous water cooling setups, and the largest CPU air coolers, this case is hard to beat. Did we mention that it has NINE expansion slots? Your multi gpu creations are unlimited in this case. Since we are talking graphics, let us discuss the gpu cooling solution that the HAF X brings to the table. In our testing, we ran Furmark v1.8.2 using the Stress Test for 15 minutes with the shroud on and with it off. Idle between the two was basically the same, 43C and 45C respectively. What was really impressive was our load results. With the shroud on, the gpu fan never kicked in to high gear, and the temps never exceeded 78C. Without the shroud, the gpu fan ran up to full potential and the gpu heated up to a toasty 83C. So, the shroud system used in the HAF X produces very nice results. We used the Scythe Ultra Kaze at 1100RPM, to boot. Maximum for that fan is 3000RPM. We have to say that Cooler Master went all out to keep those Fermi toaster ovens from overheating.
It was unfortunate that we could not test ours out, but we do not fully blame the GTX 470. There may have been some misplaced water during our leak testing, but we will never know for sure…
In conclusion, what we have is a $199 case that offers very nice amenities in a rather attractive package. Of course, we leave it up to the reader to decide if the HAF X is for you based on looks alone. That being said, the performance and roominess of this full tower case is simply amazing at its price point. From the little tweaks like adding a sliding cover to the power and reset buttons to the graphics card shroud and cooling system, you will have a difficult time finding a better value in another case. The construction of high quality plastic and steel gives the HAF X a rigid feel to it. Our only gripe is with the shroud not being able to be used with most water cooling setups. Our unit did have some areas not fully covered by black paint and the interior flat black coating is prone to marking up.
We encourage you to give this new chassis from Cooler Master a strong consideration for your next build. In the meantime, shoot on over to their website to check out more information on the HAF X. Be sure to keep an eye on our forums section regarding this review as well.
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