Cooler Master Unleashes the HAF X

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Apple iPad, HTC Incredible, Google Android, netbooks, Microsoft’s KIN. It seems like there is a trend in today’s newest technology. Almost all new gadgets are geared towards portability. Multitasking on the go is the latest and greatest hip thing to do. That is awesome, but where does that leave the true computer enthusiast? Are large, desktop computers coming to an end? No. Not anytime soon, anyway.
With EVGA’s recent introduction of its Classified SR2 motherboard and past Classified boards, it seems that the most powerful of computer components get bigger and bigger. But that is how it is supposed to be right? Generally, the larger the PC, the more powerful it is.
Many of us need that power for encoding high definition home movies, large MP images and storing all that lossless music. It does not end there, either. PC gamer’s like to have power at their fingertips. Multi-GPU setups offer tremendous power but often come with heat issues. If you are an owner, or future owner of one of these massive setups, what options do you have in terms of cases?
Cooler Master has answered that with the HAF X. Unfortunately, EVGA Classified SR2 owners are still left in the dust, but multi-GPU owners and those who have Fermi heat monsters(aka GTX 480/470) are in luck.
To understand why, you will have to continue on with reading our two week journey with the Cooler Master HAF X.


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