Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black Edition

9.3 Overall Score
Build Quality: 9/10
Layout: 9/10
Price: 10/10

Excellent price, awesome all black finish backed by the Cooler Master name.

Could use some better cable routing and an additional option to change case LED colors would be nice.

Before we move on to the installation section, we’d like to make a few comments about the interior wiring. More and more entusiasts at all levels are paying more attention to the interior of their cases. That is one of the reasons we see special edition cases like the Storm Sniper Black Edition. With that being said, we are a bit dissapointed to see that there was no attention given to cable sleeving for the Sniper Black Edition. If we look at a similarly priced case, Thermaltake’s Element G, we see that special attention and time was given to cable sleeving and wire management. We also would like to see the inclusion of a switch much like the one used on the inside panel of the Element G. That little switch eliminated the need to fumble with plugging and unplugging the fan power connector like we see with the Storm Sniper Black Edition.

We might be nitpicking here, but we like these details and expect to see them used by a class act chassis maker such as Cooler Master. Take note that the Sniper Black is a bit better as far as build quality goes, but the Element G is certainly not terrible.

We will not be going into great detail for the installation part of this review mainly because you can see that and the results of how the Storm Sniper performs in our orginal launch review. This section is mainly for show and used to demonstrate what a fully loaded Sniper Black Edition looks like.

Here is a list of components going inside this case:

  • eVGA X58 3X SLI Classified(759)
  • Intel Core i7 Extreme 975
  • 6GB(6x1GB) Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 2000CL7
  • Cooler Master V10
  • Power Color Radeon 4870X2
  • HIS Radeon HD 4890
  • WD 300GB Velociraptor
  • WD 1TB HDD
  • Generic DVD/RW
  • Cooler Master UCP 1100W PSU

A big thanks goes out to motherboard makers for using black PCB’s. Without them we probably wouldn’t have such kick butt cases like the Sniper Black. eVGA’s Classified motherboard is no exception to awesomeness. It fits right in with the Sniper Black Edition’s all black interior. The motherboard tray hole is a wonderful inclusion, but it does not help with the Classified motherboard. It is wider than a standard ATX motherboard and shifts the mounting holes and CPU socket to the right just enough to make that mobo whole useless. Most other standard ATX motherboard users should be ok.

[timg]mobo mounting.JPG[/timg]

With all other components installed, we can sit back and enjoy the Sniper Black Edition in all its stuffed goodness!

[timg]installed)1.JPG[/timg] [timg]installed02.JPG[/timg] [timg]installed_back.JPG[/timg]

For comparison purposes related to size only, we set the Sniper next to a Cosmos S case. In the second picture you can see the mousepad included with the case. Most gamers should get a kick out of the icons printed on the mousing surface.

[timg]comparison.JPG[/timg] [timg]mousepad.JPG[/timg]

And for those interested in the noise output of the Sniper Black Edition, check out the short video below. The loudest fan noise you hear is coming from the video cards and the V10 CPU cooler.




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