Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Gaming Mouse Review

Overall Score
Build Quality: 9/10
Layout: 9/10
Price: 10/10

Excellent sensor performance in gaming, has a great 'feel' in your hand and the weight can be adjusted.

LCD display gets covered while gaming and our units scroll button was tough to mash.


Every gamer is different. What feels right in one person’s hand could be terrible for another. So, how do you make a decision on what’s best for you? More importantly, how do we, as reviewers, offer up advice on what mouse you should choose? Well, you have to look at all the factors of each mouse. We will do our best to help your decision making go easier.

You want to know which mouse is the best? There are many trade-offs for each mouse, or so we thought. Our reviewer for this posting is/was a huge Razer fan and absolutely loved the Mamba. After spending a few weeks with the Sentinel he changed his view forever. Here’s why:

Gamers are a different breed and require absolute control over their gaming environment. Gamers do not play at high resolutions or use the latest LCDs(mainly because high-end CRT monitors offer higher refresh rates). The mouse is pivotal when gaming online and can mean life or death due to responsiveness and control. All three mice we reviewed for this project are exceptional at what they were designed to do.

The Sentinel has a very natural grip similar to the Mamba, but shaped just a bit different. The G9 is tiny compared to the other two and feels almost awkward in your grip. The way a mouse feels in you hand is a very personal choice, but the Sentinel seems to fit naturally. The buttons on the Sentinel are all responsive, just as much as on the Mamba and G9. The scroll button is the only one that seems a bit tough to push down compared to the others. The lights give you wicked affects when gaming in the dark. The weights give you control over how heavy you like your mouse. The Mamba is sans weights, the G9 comes with a nifty tin full of weights.

As far as gaming is concerned, the Sentinel performs above and beyond expectations. In UT3 the control of sensitivity is a must and the Sentinel delivers without flinching. Playing Crysis was a joy with the Sentinel, too. This mouse has changed the face of gaming mice. No longer is it necessary to pay and arm and a leg for a superior gaming mouse. The CS-X Battle Pad is a superior mouse pad in its ability to absorb external environmental vibrations while gaming and the precision of tracking in game. The combination of the Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse and the CS-X Battle Pad DP is one that can’t be beat on price or performance. We were truly shocked with the impressive quality of craftsmanship and the aggressive pricing of the Sentinel mouse. Hands down the best gaming mouse on the planet. Cooler Master has out done itself, which is something we’ve come to expect of them and at a price that is simply shocking… $69.99

[Update] Requested by popular demand and because we forgot to include it, here is a shot of the OLED display with a custom XCPU logo:




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