Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Gaming Mouse Review

Overall Score
Build Quality: 9/10
Layout: 9/10
Price: 10/10

Excellent sensor performance in gaming, has a great 'feel' in your hand and the weight can be adjusted.

LCD display gets covered while gaming and our units scroll button was tough to mash.

Before we dive into the results, lets take a peek at the Sentinel’s AP, or driver control panel.


The amount of control you get with the Sentinel is not a direct reflection of the price you pay. What we mean is that you have complete control over the mouse’s driver settings allowing you limitless possibilities for setting up profiles. One would expect to pay much more than $69.99 for the level of control one gets. Of course, the Mamba and G9 control panels offer similar settings, but at much higher costs to the end user.

[timg]control panel_01.jpg[/timg] [timg]control panel_02.jpg[/timg] [timg]control panel_03.jpg[/timg] [timg]control panel_04.jpg[/timg] [timg]control panel_05.jpg[/timg]

The first image gives you insight to just how much control you have. Button assignments, multiple DPI levels, motion sensitivity and double click speed are just a few of the settings you can adjust to how you play. There are 5 profiles, 4 you can edit/create and 1 that is default. The layout and design of the AP is attractive and sleek. Very modern and fun to look at as well.

The second image is of the Color Control tab. Here is where you can adjust the color of the LED’s on the Sentinel mouse. The front LED’s can be independently adjusted from the top mesh allowing multiple combinations. You get control over the style of the lights, whether they are on constantly, in motion or off. If you prefer not to have any colored lights flashing or showing, simply turn them off. This is an attractive feature for those not into flashy lights or bling with their systems.

The Macro tab is pretty self-explanatory. You have complete control over what you want your macro’s to do. In addition to Macros, you can write scripts and save them to your Sentinel gaming mouse. Macros and Scripts can make repetitive tasks in games relatively easy.

The Library tab gives you a view of the Macros and Scripts used and to which profile and button they are assigned or can be assigned. Lastly is the Support/Update tab which allows you to update the Sentinel driver or seek online support. In future revisions of the Sentinel AP you will find access to enable/disable acceleration. Acceleration increases horizontal movement of the mouse in game and can be detrimental for precision fighting/gaming. Take note that acceleration is disabled via the operation system and can not be saved on the mouses MPU. So, if you are traveling with your Sentinel, remember to manually disable acceleration in the OS you are plugging into.


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