Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Gaming Mouse Review

Overall Score
Build Quality: 9/10
Layout: 9/10
Price: 10/10

Excellent sensor performance in gaming, has a great 'feel' in your hand and the weight can be adjusted.

LCD display gets covered while gaming and our units scroll button was tough to mash.

The Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse arrived on our doorstep a little while ago. We’ve had plenty of time to put it through rigorous game playing sessions, but before we reveal how it performed, let’s take a look at the packaging and mouse.

[timg]P1060315.JPG[/timg] [timg]P1060279.JPG[/timg] [timg]P1060317.JPG[/timg]

The retail packaging is straightforward. The mouse is encased in a clear clam shell, visible to the buyer. All the details you would need and more, are located on the front and back of the box. Cooler Master included their new gaming mouse pad for us to use along with the Sentinel.

The CS-X Battle Pad DP is huge(444mmx355mm). It is made of grade “A” Duracloth Plus, weaved extremely tight for pinpoint precision and is heat treated offering a smooth surface for the Sentinel to glide upon. The non-slip rubber base keeps the mouse pad from moving on any desk surface. We have to mention that you will need considerable desktop space due to the size of the CS-X Battle Pad. This thing dwarfs the Razer Destructor, and we thought that pad was large. At the time of publication we did not have a price for the CS-X Battle Pad, we will update this review when we get one.

Included with the Sentinel is a StormGuard anti-theft device used to keep your Sentinel gaming mouse locked to your computer. Once your friends see this mouse and get their grubby hands on it, the StormGuard will come in handy. A manual and device driver CD are included as well.


The Sentinel is a weighted mouse which can be made lighter by removing the weights located on the bottom. You do not get a fancy little tin to carry the weights around like the G9, but at the price the Sentinel is selling for it doesn’t matter.

[timg]P1060306.JPG[/timg] [timg]P1060309.JPG[/timg]

[timg]P1060304.JPG[/timg] [timg]P1060305.JPG[/timg]

Here we get a look at the mouse unwrapped. The Sentinel comes with a braided cord which adds a bit of style to it. In the shots above you can see that it also comes loaded with LED’s. The LED’s are part of CM’s Octoshade LED tech which allows the user to adjust the color of the lights in up to 8 different shades. The colors are accessible through the AP, or driver control panel.


The Sentinel Advanced Gaming mouse comes equipped with a tiny OLED display that allows the user to show their gamer icon in a 32×32 BMP logo. The logo, along with driver information, is stored on the mouse’s microprocessor called the Sentinel-X MPU. The MPU has 64KB of flash memory which allows the mouse to be used without a driver. What this means, and many gamers with Mamba’s and G9’s already have access to this tech, is that you can save your profiles on the mouse and take it with you to LAN parties. The settings will be stored on the MPU and plugging it in to any other computer gives you access to your specific settings.

[timg]P1060278.JPG[/timg] [timg]P1060294.JPG[/timg] [timg]P1060311.JPG[/timg] [timg]P1060313.JPG[/timg]


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