Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200w

9 Overall Score

5 Year Warranty, Modular Cabling, 80 PLUS Gold Efficiency Rating, All 105C Rated Japanese Capacitors, Excellent 3.3v and 5v Regulation

Fixed and Modular Cables Do Not Match, Fan Is Not 'Silent' Under High Load, Some Teapo Brand Taiwanese Capacitors, Some Units May Not Reach 80 PLUS Gold Standards

Opening the unit, we first see the cooling fan. It is a 135mm unit manufactured by, not surprisingly for a Cooler Master unit- Young Lin Tech. Co. Throughout our testing, we found this fan to be quiet in most situations, however during full load testing, the fan spooled up to a considerable volume.

Delving further, we can see a few things about this unit. First off, the heatsinks are of a fairly large size, and considering the purported efficiency of this unit, they should be more than adequate to dissipate the heat generated. Near the center of the unit, we can spot the two small boards responsible for 3.3v and 5v supply.

In these pictures, we can see the variety of capacitors used in this design. First and foremost- the primary capacitors. In the Silent Pro Gold 1200w, the primary capacitors are some rather large Nippon Chemi-con electrolytics with a temperature rating of 105C. In lower grade units, these capacitors are often rated at 85C; the increased temperature tolerance should allow for increased longevity. The secondary capacitors consist mainly of other Nippon Chemi-con units, with a few exceptions: The first of which is a lone Rubycon capacitor near the 3.3v supply. The only other capacitors on the mainboard are of a solid design. Moving to the daughterboard used for the modular connectors, we can see that there are a few filtering capacitors on this board as well. The smaller capacitors are Suncon brand, while the large ones are Teapo branded. All of these capacitor brands are high quality Japanese manufacturers except for one- Teapo, which is a Taiwanese manufacturer. Despite increases in quality from Taiwanese and Chinese capacitor manufacturers, the units made by Teapo and other non-Japanese sources are typically of inferior quality. In all fairness, Teapo is one of the best non-Japanese manufacturers- making their capacitors a midrange product. We would have preferred an all Japanese capacitor power supply, but overall, Cooler Master has chosen components that likely last for a very, very long time.


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