Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200w

9 Overall Score

5 Year Warranty, Modular Cabling, 80 PLUS Gold Efficiency Rating, All 105C Rated Japanese Capacitors, Excellent 3.3v and 5v Regulation

Fixed and Modular Cables Do Not Match, Fan Is Not 'Silent' Under High Load, Some Teapo Brand Taiwanese Capacitors, Some Units May Not Reach 80 PLUS Gold Standards

The Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200w comes in a rather large gold and black colored box. Not surprisingly, the box has the 80 PLUS Gold logo featured quite prominently on the front. Going to the back of the box, we can see pertinent information regarding the features of the PSU. This unit features ‘hybrid transformers,’ which is basically a heatsink integrated into the transformers. This should allow for smaller transformer designs to be used, increasing efficiency and decreasing weight and size.

Opening the box, we can see that the unit is securely packed within a cocoon of foam. Not pictured is a separate piece that covers the top of the unit. Also, the unit is protected from minor scratches by a plastic bag.

Included with the unit are a number of important accessories. Included are modular cables, a power cord, a bag to store extra modular cables in, mounting screws, and of course- a user’s manual.

This unit is somewhat unique, although the unit has a considerable amount of modular connectors- a good deal of the cables are also fixed in place.

The fixed cables are:

  • One 20+4 Pin (24 Pin) ATX connector
  • Two 4+4 (8 Pin) ATX 12v connetors
  • Two 6+2 Pin (8 Pin) PCIe power connectors
  • Two 6 Pin PCIe power connectors

Additionally, there are an assortment of modular connectors:

  • Two 6+2 Pin (8 Pin) PCIe power connectors
  • Two 6 Pin PCIe power connectors
  • Four 4 Pin Molex connectors
  • One Floppy power connector
  • Nine SATA power connectors

We find several things strange with this setup-

The PCIe power connector setup is a bit odd. First off, there are two PCIe power connectors on each strand, one being a 6+2 Pin, and the other being a 6 Pin. In the rare case that you are using a GPU that requires two 8 Pin connectors to operate, this will result in a a lot of clutter and unusable PCIe power connectors.

The Molex connectors are a bit sparse. Since this is a modular unit, it would have been nice if Cooler Master had included another Molex strand which could be used instead of one of the SATA power strands.

The PSU cables do not match! While this is often the case with modular units with a fixed ATX connector, this unit’s large assortment of fixed connections clash with the modular cables. As can be seen above, the modular cables are the flat, bonded variety, while the fixed units are the more traditional wire with black mesh sleeving.

Other than these minor issues, we see nothing particularly lacking in this setup.

The outside of the unit is all dressed up in matte black and a gold colored fan grille. The label on the side of the unit is painted on for a spiffy finish.


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