Cooler Master Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse

9.0 Overall Score

In our initial review of the Sentinel Advanced gaming mouse we talked alot about how it feels while gaming. What kind of responsivness the mouse gives you in game is something else we tried to cover. In short, our first go at the Sentinel mouse lacked in technical detail and very foggy information on how well it performed as a gaming mouse. Most everything about choosing a mouse does come down to personal preference, but we need to look at this specific mouse for what it really is, a gaming peripheral. Not just a simple gaming device, but one that was created in collaboration with pro gaming experts and crafted with some of the best hardware and material available for a human interface device.

The price alone would justify a purchase of this mouse over many others. It can be had on Newegg for $59.99 at the time of this writing. But if we take a moment to discuss the intention for developing this mouse, we start to get into an area that can be confusing and mostly misinterpreted. We are talking about a pro gamer’s device here. That is something that has been failed to be reviewed properly in every other article we have read on this mouse, including our own past article. Now, we are not going to go into full detail here about the pros and cons of the Sentinel Advanced gaming mouse. That issue is more on the lines of an opinion than fact. There are many opinions about what a gaming mouse is and how it can be tested. So, in order to give this device the justice it needs, we are doing a separate review on how it performs as a pro gaming grade mouse compared to another one called the Razer Mamba. You can read our introduction review of the Razer Mamba here and read how these two mice stack up in our Gamer’s Mouse Showdown.

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