Cooler Master Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse

9.0 Overall Score



Before we get into our impressions of the Sentinel Advanced gaming mouse, we need to clarify the three major types of mouse grips: The Palm Grip, The Claw Grip and The Fingertip Grip. Each grip is distinctly different from one another and each one has advantages and disadvantages. We will talk more about the pros and cons of each in the show down article. For now, we want to go over what distinguishes one grip from the others. The Palm Grip is when a user rests his or her entire palm on the surface of the mouse including the full lenght of the fingers. This type of grip is mostly benefited from an ergonomicly designed mouse. The Claw Grip is similar but uses six points of contact. The five (5) fingertips are positioned on the mouse along with the pit of the palm. The Fingertip Grip is similar to the Claw Grip in the fact that the fingertips are used but the pit of the palm does not rest on the mouse.

The Sentinel Advanced gaming mouse looks sleek sitting on your desktop. The ergonomic design lets palm grip users rest their hands comfortably on the mouse. The weighted system that Cooler Master provides allows you to adjust the weight of the mouse in 4.5g increments. If you are a gamer who prefers a heavier mouse, all 5 weights at 22.5g to the total weight of the Sentinel. If you are a fingertip gamer, the Sentinel sans weights is light enough to glide effortlessly across hard to medium hard mousing surfaces. If you have very small hands and are a fingertip user, you may want to consider a different mouse. The Sentinel best benefits fingerip grip users who have bigger hands(not necessarily massive) or longer fingers. A claw grip user may find the ergonomic shape of the Sentinel to be a bit uncomfortable, but it is doable.

The left and right mouse buttons are very responsive to clicking and feel smooth in operation for all three types of grip users. If you are a claw grip user, you will find that the forward and back buttons located on the left side of the mouse are somewhat uncomfortable to reach. Fingertip users will benefit nicely by all button placements same as palm grip users. The ergonomic design of the Sentinel creates a small lip on the right side of the mouse. This tiny lip is enough for palm grip users to rest their pinky finger on eliminating drag when sliding your mouse on a mousing surface.

After testing the Sentinel Advanced gaming mouse on serveral different mouse pads( Razer Destructor, Razer Goliathus and the CM Storm CS-X Battle Pad DP) we found responsiveness and gameplay to be very similar. Depending on what game style you play, or what game you play, your mouse pad preference will very. But it is good to know that the Sentinel will perform very well on any surface you choose to use. That rests in part to the high quality Philips Twin-eye Doppler Laser Sensor used in the Sentinel. If you are a gamer who uses low sensitivity and tend to pick up and reposition the mouse, you will find that there is no loss in gameplay with the Sentinel. If you are heavy into FPS(first person shooter) games, then you should be happy with the responsiveness to movement with the Sentinel. 180 degree turns feel snappy and accurate. The Twin-Laser sensor responds very well to the gamers movements.


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