Cooler Master Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse

9.0 Overall Score

The initial page that shows up after you have installed and started the CM Storm driver graphical user interface is the Main Control page. Near the top of the GUI you will notice six (6) tabs labeled with what is representative of the respective tab. The Main Control tab is the first tab and contains options on the left side to assign the 8 buttons on the mouse to whatever you want. On the right side you have sliders to adjust DPI Levels #1-#4. You have the ability to adjust the x and y verticies independently or together. Below the DPI Level adjustments are options to adjust Motion Sensitivity, Double Click Speed and Button Response Time. At the bottom of the GUI are options to Create/Edit Profiles, Profile Managment and the 5 profile buttons which allow easy switching between profile setup options.

The second tab in the GUI gives you access to Color Control. Here you can adjust the top and front facing LED lights independent of each other. In addition to the 7 colors, you have the option to choose from 4 settings of color styles. They are Full Color, which displays the colors you select all the time. Breathing puts the colors through an on/off cycle that mimics your breathing. Rapid Fire – On Mouse Click lights up when you press the mouse buttons. Disable displays no Color Control Style. Within this screen you have the option to upload a bitmap image. The custom bitmap image can be no larger than 32×32 bits and is limited to black and white only.

The Macro tab is mostly self explanatory. If you have never setup a macro before, Cooler Master’s Sentinel driver GUI is simple and straight forward. You can save different macros under your different profiles.

The Script tab is setup similar to the Macro tab but adds in the COMMAND option when creating a script. Again, different scripts can be loaded into multiple profiles.

The Libraby tab holds all the Macros and Scripts you have created in one central location for easy navigation and selection. Here you can import or export macros and scripts as well as delete unwanted ones.

The Support/Update tab provides information on where to go for support or where to get the latest updates.

The CM Storm Sentinel driver GUI is layed out in a logical configuration. There is nothing overly complicated about the GUI, but if you would require assistance, Cooler Master provides excellent support on their website or you can ask for help in our forums.


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