Cooler Master Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse

9.0 Overall Score

Cooler Master’s Sentinel Advanced Gaming Mouse was available for purchase in September of 2009.  With design inspiration given by pro gamers, the Sentinel delivers a feature rich package at a reasonable price.  Take a look at the specifications listed below.  We will go into more detail on some individual components following this list.

The Sentinel uses a Philips Twin Doppler laser sensor which Cooler Master tagged as the 5600 DPI Storm Tactical Twin-Laser Sensor.  The Philips laser was developed by the Philips Laser Sensors start-up and in conjucntion with Philips Applied Technologies.  The ‘Laser Beetle’, as it was code named, sensor is a solid-state scrolling device that uses Doppler detection to determine the speed and position of surfaces.  This sensor has an ‘all terrain’ capability meaning it can scroll accurately on smooth to rough surfaces(including carpet).  The advantage of Philip’s twin-eye laser compared to sensors like LED and CCD based devices is that the laser light reflected from the target surface re-enters the illuminating laser where it optically interferes with the emitted laser light.  The result is greater positional resolutioin and less power consumption.  The maximum power consumption of the Sentinel Twin-Laser sensor is 0.7mW.  Below is a picture of the sensor package known as a SiP(System in Package) and a diagram of how the laser reflects off of surface material.

The technology capabilities and application coverage of the Philip’s Twin Doppler laser sensor are listed below:

  • Accurate speed measurement over 300km/h
  • Nominal working distance from mm’s up to 2.5m
  • Working range from 30 to 60% of nominal distance
  • Accuracey better than 0.01%(interferometric)
  • Resolution from wavelengths to cm’s
  • Works on virtually all surfaces
  • Insensitive to environmental light
  • Robust to smoke, mist or dust

In addition to a high quality laser sensor, the Sentinel comes with a very small OLED screen used to display DPI and tiny bitmap custom logos.  The Sentinel also comes with a 64kb Sentinel-X Memory chip for storage of up to 5 profiles.  There are 8 fully programmable buttons on the mouse and gives the user a choice between 7 color variations and lighting effects.  Weight of this mouse comes in at 161.5 grams which is equal to 0.356lbs.  The Sentinel has a maximum tracking speed of 6m/s, or 235 inches per second and is capable of 50G of acceleration.  Polling time is 1.0ms thanks to a 1000Hz polling rate and is ergonomically designed for right hand users.  Sorry lefties!  To round out the package, Cooler Master includes 5 weights of 4.5g each and a locking mechanism to keep graby hands from swiping your mouse when away from home.

The Sentinel uses rubber grips and ABS plastic mesh bezel with a metal plate in the construction of the outer casing.  The USB connector is gold-plated for better connectivitiy to your pc.  This mouse also gives the user on-the-fly DPI switching capabilities with two buttons located just forward of the OLED display.  Located near the USB cord at the front of the mouse is the profile select button allowing the user to switch between profiles with the touch of a button.  The placement of the Storm Tactics Twin-Laser sensor sits slightly forward of center mass.


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