Cooler Master Hyper Z600

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An Introduction to the Madness

Again, the time rolls around for what I like to call the review rush. Cases, RAM, thermal goop, even the occasional kitchen sink are in the labs for us to abuse, test and review, for your pleasure of course. Cooler Master it seems, isn’t going soft on us and has sent a new CPU heatsink for the XCPU’s review team to give the beans.

Today, we have the Cooler Master Hyper Z600. The name alone should give pause, for it gives an insight as to what this cooler is all about. Big size, big cooling, big results. Debuted at CeBit 08 along side their own V8 heatsink, along with a number of CSX crafted cases, the Z600 is the new blood to the Hyper family.

Though many care only about the pure performance of their parts, Cooler Master continues to not only strive to provide this in their parts, but also cases, and in this case, heatsinks, that are aesthetically pleasing. Form and function. But is it any good?

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Look: See, the Packaging…


First, let’s get the blindingly obvious out of the way. This cooler is massive. Huge. Big. Muy largo. What ever words you can use to describe big, would most likely fit the bill here. While not being as excessively large as either the Orochi or Giant Ninja (both from Scythe), the Hyper Z600 does weigh in with the other large format heatsinks, such as the afore mention TRUE 120 and the IFX-14 (both from Thermalright).

First, lets take a look at the packaging.

X marks the spot

As is their usual way, Cooler Master ships their solutions in packaging that is as beautiful and functional as their heatsinks. An all white and white box with the front displaying the top down view of the Hyper. Flip the box around to see one of the black sides you see some pictures that are showing off the Hyper Z600. One shows the cooler’s base, one shows the cooler with the two optional 120mm fans installed, the third displays the unit with no fans mounted while installed on a board, with the final inset picturing the cooler installed in a Cooler Master 690 case. Frankly, this should give you some sort of idea of what the user is about to get. The next white side lists the cooler’s specifications. The next black side shows the remaining features. Open the box to reveal a well packaged product. One box opens up to another which splits open to reveal the cooler, sandwiched between two sheets of polystyrene to keep the fins from being damaged.

When the box is this good, just imagine the contents

Open the package further to get the warranty sheet, instruction booklet, and the accessories including the fan mounts, screws, backplate and nicely enough, a tube of Arctic Silver type thermal interface goop.

Now we take a closer look at the actual heatsink to get an idea of how big it is, as well as how its put together. 


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