Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus s1156 & 1366

8.9 Overall Score
Silence: 10/10
Effectiveness: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

It is a very quiet cooler

It doesnt cool as well as we hoped.

Results and Conclusion


As previously stated in the Test Setup page, we are switching over to the Core i7 920 D0 processor to complete all heatsink test results from here on. So, the results we see below include those using the 965 and the 920( on the Hyper 212 Plus only). We will make comparisons with the current data we have and report on the results you see below.

stock idle.png

In this graph and all that follow, the CM Hyper 212 Plus is the only cooler mounted on the Core i7 920 D0, at the moment. All other coolers were tested on the i7 Extreme 965. Starting with Stock Idle settings, 3.2GHz for the 965 and 2.66GHz for the 920, we can see that the Hyper 212 Plus manages to stay within reach of the other higher end coolers. The 600MHz of difference in speed between the two processors gives the 920 D0 a slight advantage in heat output, but nothing that would skew the results we see. Remember, the Hyper 212 Plus is mid-range cooler with a price point around $29.99 and not meant to compete head-to-head with the top heatsinks on the market.

stock load.png

As expected, the load results for the Hyper 212 Plus are higher than the others in this comparison. Even on a processor running at lower speeds, the Hyper 212 Plus is, at a minimum, 8C warmer than the rest. Adding an additional fan would help lower the overall temps, but that also increases the price of this heatsink.

4ghz idle.png

What is interesting is that once we get up into the 4GHz range, we see the Hyper 212 Plus idling very well compared to the other heatsinks. A few factors could be causing this. First, the 920 D0 might be running a tad bit cooler than the 965 at the same speeds, and second, the potential of the Hyper 212 Plus is better realized at higher clock speeds.

4ghz load.png

When we take a look at load temps on the Hyper 212 Plus we can confirm that the 920 D0 does run a bit cooler at idle than the 965. If you look at the load temps, you can see that they are anywhere from 3C to 10C higher than the competing coolers in this graph. Once again, adding a second fan would increase the cooling affectiveness of the Hyper 212 Plus. We also need to consider that for $29.99 out of the box, this a very good heatsink.


Cooler Master has a very well performing heatsink in the Hyper 212 Plus. With a price point of only $29.99, you get a cooler that is capable of handling a highly overclocked Core i7 920 D0 out of the box. We all know, or should by now, that current Core i7 processors are heat monsters. What the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus is able to do in regard to that, is impressive. This heatsink will do rather well on the upcoming Core i5/i7 processors made for the P55/57 platforms and all of the AMD CPU sockets supported. We give cudos to Cooler Master for making an affordable and decent heatsink that won’t break the bank in these difficult financial times.


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