Cooler Master CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse

8.6 Overall Score
Hand Grip: 9/10
Precision: 9/10
Customization: 8/10

Rubberized surface makes for good grip | Software allows many customizations | Precision accuracy in game is excellent | Ambidextrous

Could be considered too light | Hardware Customization is lacking

The Recon software carries the same flare as its packaging. Cooler Master does a very nice job of keeping the CM Storm line visually separated from the rest of their products. The software interface offers six tabs, as seen below, that allow you to customize everything from DPI levels to setting up macros.

Under the Buttons tab we have three different viewing angles of the mouse indicating the buttons available. By clicking on the pictured mouse buttons you can assign them to do different functions based on what you wish to achieve. Your options vary from Default to Disabled with adjustments for macros and what exactly each button does found in between.

The Sensor tab allows adjustments of DPI levels for all four profiles. Included is and adjustment for the lift off distance setting which ranges from 1-5. USB polling rate can be adjusted from each DPI Level setting and under each profile. OS Sensitivity, OS Double Click Speed and Button Response Time are all adjustable as well. The control you have over the sensor is amazing. Offering such fine tuning is something that many gaming mice lack and one that we see separates Cooler Master’s CM Storm line from the pack.

Up next is the Glow tab. Here we have adjustments, under all four profiles, for LED coloring and effects. You can adjust the intensity of the color as well as select any color you wish by entering individual RED, GREEN and BLUE values. LED modes of Continuous, Flash on Profile Switch and Rapid Fire give you options for changing how the lights operate.

With the Macros tab selected you can create, copy or delete macros from your library. In here you will be able to set the delay between actions from none to 500ms depending on the action you need completed.

The final two tabs allow you to create, delete and copy profiles, as well as get updates and find additional help online by clicking the links provided.

With the software interface covered, we can finally talk about performance and our final thoughts.


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