Cooler Master CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse

8.6 Overall Score
Hand Grip: 9/10
Precision: 9/10
Customization: 8/10

Rubberized surface makes for good grip | Software allows many customizations | Precision accuracy in game is excellent | Ambidextrous

Could be considered too light | Hardware Customization is lacking

The Recon is an ambidextrous mouse that can fit comfortably in your left or right hand. This is an option that is not very common for gaming mice and one that we welcome. It may look like a small mouse, but when sitting next to a R.A.T. 7 Contagion, you can see that it is just as large.

Before we get too indepth with the Recon, we want to quickly cover the Skorpion and Speed_RXL mouse pad.

The CM Storm Skorpion is a handy little device. If you are a gamer with a mouse that has a USB cord, you may have experienced times when the cord drags your mouse around or gets caught on your keyboard. Skorpion to the rescue!

It resembles an actual scorpion with a stinger styled cord holder and by the placement of its feet in relation to the body. The center body is weighted down and held in place by sticky feet that prevent it from moving around or sliding on your desktop. By placing the mouse cord in the ‘tail’ of the Skorpion, you no longer catch your mouse cord on objects or lose it behind your desk. We have found that this solution works wonderfully as long as you have the space for it.

The Skorpion is rather large, but it was a necessary design to make sure it could handle the mice used with it. With a rubber tail made to fit multiple sized USB cords, the weighted Skorpion is adaptable to any mouse in just about any situation.

Although the design may not fit everyone’s taste, the Skorpion is something that may be indispensable for any gamer. The Recon and Skorpion work hand-in-hand as does the Speed-RXL mouse pad. In fact, the mouse and mouse pad work so well together, that we would recommend using the two over any other mouse pad and Recon combination. We will have more of an explanation on that later in the review. Our focus returns to the Recon, its software interface and performance while gaming.


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