Cisco Meraki MC74

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Only supports a Single Provider

Meraki Support

After using their support for Networking equipment I manage, and wireless access points around the united states that I maintain and manage.  This should be a breeze,  maybe I am missing something.

I bought this phone, and just received it from you guys today…. This said you guys had providers. Which I was hoping the company that I use was on the list… However it seems you have a SINGLE provider…

I’ve got my own PBX, and our own SIP provider we’ve been using for ages.

How do I plug my stuff into this phone?



Perfect!  Lets wait for a response!


At this time there is only the one provider that is supported, which is Intelepeer, and plugging other provider information into the phones is not supported at this time either. At this time there is no timeline when other providers are going to be available. I would recommend submitting this information and the provider you want to see available through the ‘Make A Wish’ field in Dashboard so that the desire for this functionality is known to our product development teams.

Thank you,

Benjamin Yau
Cisco Meraki Technical Support



I appreciate your response… I would however change your website where it says, “Providers” I am fairly sure 100% of the time, that means more than one.

With that being said, since I paid 500 dollars for the worlds most expensive clock, with a phone that I cannot use, and a license/product that I cannot return.

I would like to see something very easy and very simple, where users can just input a host, username, and password, and connect in any PBX software that they want. It may not be optimal.. But at lease people can use this while you guys truely get providers (plural.. more than one).

We use quite a bit of your guys gear, from the WAPs and stuff, and have always liked your guys equipment. So I hope you guys do not take this the wrong way… I think you can agree with me, that when its advertised one way, and comes another way, you generally become irritated.



Lets wait for a response back…


Thanks for your quick response. I would also recommend putting that information for the ability to input sip usernames / passwords as an option in the “Make a Wish” field as well. I’ll follow up internally to do the same.

That being said, if you are displeased with the device, you should be able to return it via filling out the form available at as long as it has been within 30 days.

Thank you,

Benjamin Yau
Cisco Meraki Technical Support

Wow…  Ok…  I guess I will make a wish..  Maybe that will help me past this hurdle…  Please phone gods…  Let me be able to use this!  Ok ok…  That didn’t work.  Further talking with Benjamin,  There is no way to get this support with this device, and they do not have an ETA if they will get this support, or if they will even consider this support, or support for additional providers.


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2 Comments on "Cisco Meraki MC74"

  1. Consuelo Annon April 27, 2017 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    I just ended our pilot with Meraki phones.
    They worked fine until for some reason they no longer were able to call out and have teo way audio.
    Merakis phone support was chaotic. they cannot trouble shoot beyond their internal cloud. Anything between the users and Meraki is up to the user to resolve. They only read pcaps, There suggestion was to request pcaps from our ISP and send the pcaps to Meraki ( a new ticket and tech every time one contacts them ) They did not care that we could not make calls just wanted to see why we were not connected their dashboard. They are not ready for enterprise deployments. And they do not have a Cisco approach to customer support.
    Too bad they are pretty ahd while they worked they were fun .

    • Michael Wallace April 27, 2017 at 9:22 pm - Reply

      I am sorry you had these problems. We deployed quite a few of the Meraki hotspots, and just recently they basically said that they wont support us anymore, because we did not buy the units direct from them. They are honestly going down… I am going to be writing a review on the UBNT Executive VOIP phones, which IMO are superior to the Meraki MC74 line.

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