Cisco Meraki MC74

4 Overall Score
Design: 10/10
Carrier support: 1/10
Functionality: 1/10

Great Design

Only supports a Single Provider

Pictures and Setup


I received my device directly from Meraki.


There was paper padding on the top of the device, and the box was wrapped in a plastic bag.


In all honesty.  Very minimal packing sort of takes after some of the packing we see with Apple iPhones.


There is an external power port, A port that goes to your computer, and a port that goes to the switch, and an USB port, and RJ11 port hidden under the stand.


Under the stand there is a pretty nice RJ45 cable, and all of the mounting you need to mount to a wall.  Above that there is a wall mount bracket.  Sorry not pictured.


First booting up the phone.  Simple black screen.  Nothing special at all.


It comes right to this screen,  You have a few options, Dial, Contacts, History, Inbox, and Settings.


If you allow your phone to “fall asleep”  It will show you just a basic clock,  You can touch the touch screen, and it will bring you back to the main dialing page.  Easy and simple!  I like!


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2 Comments on "Cisco Meraki MC74"

  1. Consuelo Annon April 27, 2017 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    I just ended our pilot with Meraki phones.
    They worked fine until for some reason they no longer were able to call out and have teo way audio.
    Merakis phone support was chaotic. they cannot trouble shoot beyond their internal cloud. Anything between the users and Meraki is up to the user to resolve. They only read pcaps, There suggestion was to request pcaps from our ISP and send the pcaps to Meraki ( a new ticket and tech every time one contacts them ) They did not care that we could not make calls just wanted to see why we were not connected their dashboard. They are not ready for enterprise deployments. And they do not have a Cisco approach to customer support.
    Too bad they are pretty ahd while they worked they were fun .

    • Michael Wallace April 27, 2017 at 9:22 pm - Reply

      I am sorry you had these problems. We deployed quite a few of the Meraki hotspots, and just recently they basically said that they wont support us anymore, because we did not buy the units direct from them. They are honestly going down… I am going to be writing a review on the UBNT Executive VOIP phones, which IMO are superior to the Meraki MC74 line.

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