Choiix Air-Through Notebook Cooling Pad C-HL01-WS Review

Overall Score

Recently, Choiix (Pronounced "Choice") asked XCPUs if we would review one of their products.  XCPUs quickly and gladly jumped on the opportunity.  They sent us a Laptop Cooler. 


Choiix is somewhat new to the consumer market, and is quickly expanding their product line.  According to the website: "Choiix provides consumers a diversity of digital lifestyle products, with joyful, colorful, friendly, and touching characteristics.  Every design, being simple yet refined, attracts consumers who yearn the same for their lifestyle."


The cooler comes in a very attractive box that has a great color scheme as well as all of the information that can be found on the website about the product.  The packaging of the product is adequate for the protection needed during travel.  The box fits fairly tight to the product when it’s wrapped in bubble wrap and there is a cardboard shoe-like piece that fits on the front edge to hold it securely in place in the box.


This laptop cooler is very eye catching and appealing in terms of appearance.  It’s clean, sleek, simple, yet elegant and extremely pleasing to the eye.  The clean white color is accented by a silver inset around the hole in the center.  There is a grey rubber leading edge designed to prevent it from moving around.  There is another rubber piece on the bottom of the back edge to aid the piece in the front in keeping the cooler stationary.  The fans are neatly concealed inside the upright portion in the back and have slits in the housing to allow for airflow.  There are 3 USB ports on one side and another USB port along with the mini-USB port needed for powering the fans, a green power indicator light, the fans on/off switch and what appears to be an AC power port that is unused as there was no AC power cord included.  From the back side of the cooler, you can see the two 80mm fans. 










We found one picture on the little instruction card particularly amusing…


We’re sorry cat lovers, but you cannot let your pets play around the back of this cooler…

We tested the laptop cooler using a 12.1” Lenovo ThinkPad x61 Tablet.  The system specs are:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 1.6GHz
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
  • 2GB DDR2 667MHz RAM
  • 80GB 5400rpm Hard Drive

This laptop has only one fan and that is on the CPU and it looks like it doesn’t allow for very much airflow with only a few holes on the bottom of the laptop. 




It must be noted that the heater that you can see behind the testing area is turned off – there were minimal temperature fluctuations throughout testing.  We used CoreTemp to automatically log the temperatures while we ran the tests. We used Prime95 to push the CPU to 100% to see how the laptop cooler handled load settings and just let the laptop run idle to see how the laptop cooler handled idle settings.  There were six separate tests:

  • Idle Without the Cooler
  • Load Without the Cooler
  • Idle With the Cooler, Without the Fans
  • Load With the Cooler, Without the Fans
  • Idle With the Cooler, With the Fans
  • Load With the Cooler, With the Fans

All of the tests were run in an ambient temperature between 70°F and 73°F.  CoreTemp logged the temperatures in 10 second intervals, so we shortened the results to readings from every minute during the test so that the graph wouldn’t get so cluttered with information.  The vertical axis is the CPU temperature logged in Celsius and the horizontal axis is the time in minutes.  Only one core temperature was put in the graph, as the cores were within 1C at all times.


Overall, the laptop cooler performed very well, it was actually quite impressive.  At idle, the results from not using the cooler at all and not using the fan on the cooler were almost identical.  However, with the cooler’s fans running, a 6°C lower temperature on average was observed at idle settings.  At load settings, we observed what we somewhat expected in terms of average temperature differences –  a 2°C average temperature difference between not using the cooler and using the cooler without the fans on. Also, a 5°C average difference between using the cooler without the fans on and using the cooler with the fans on.   7°C average difference between not using the cooler at all and using the cooler with the fans is quite good.  We would expect that if my laptop had a little better system for cooling itself, that the results would look even better.  As far as noise goes, the cooler is obviously silent when the fans are off.  Fortunately, the fans are very quiet as well.  In order to hear them, we had to get down right next to them on the desk.

This product, (well, most all of their products for that matter) seems to be aimed at Mac users.  It comes only in white, the product description states which Mac laptops will fit, and any electronics used in the product pictures both on the website and the packaging are Mac products.  One change that we’d like to see is to make the cooler in black as well as white.  It seems that having the cooler available in black would attract more non-Mac users, as well as users of black colored macs.  As far as the functionality of the cooler, it doesn’t seem that anything needs to be changed.  This cooler performed very well in our eyes.


  • Silent fans
  • 7°C average temperature drop on a poorly ventilated system
  • Appealing and attractive to the eye


  • None


This cooler can be found on Newegg for $34.99.

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