CES 2010

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Las Vegas, NV

This year we decided to stay at the Mandalay Bay hotel, one of the great advantages to this was the availability of shuttles to take us back and forth to the Convention Center every 20minutes or so.

One of the very first things that we encountered upon entering the convention center showfloor was the Kodak booth. As tame as Kodak has been in the current industry, their booth was spectacular. They had this amazing “waterfall” of seamless touchscreen panels that flowed from the ceiling to the floor. People were standing around to catch different icons that were flowing downstream. Once an icon was captured, you could interact with it by tapping. Once finished reading about the subject of that icon, you could then flick the icon back into the stream for someone else to encounter and it bounced of the walls of the panel like a game of pong. It was a pretty fun interactive display.


Then we headed over to Akasa to look at some new cooling devices they are introducing to the market. They had an extremely small HTPC case with a CPU fan to match it. Check it out for yourself and keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming fan shootout that will hopefully include some Akasa fans. This team was very passionate about their products.


Next up was Seventeam, this team has pretty much every sector of the PSU market covered. From the rackmount to the laptop market, there was something for everyone. One of the coolest things they had was a 24-pin motherboard being powered by a laptop AC Adapter. They also were assisting the launch of a new case manufacturer called Prudent Way.


Enzotech was there and brought along some serious bling. These guys mean business. Watercooling enthusiasts, feast your eyes:













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