CES 2010, First-timer Impressions

Overall Score

Home automation/security also had some interesting gadgets – now you can keep a fob on your keychain that will lock and/or unlock your house. While this is not exactly “OMG, I GOTTA HAVE ONE!” new, improvements to this technology now include the ability to use your “personal communication device” to turn on lights, monitor the alarm system, access security cameras, and a few other tasks which may or may not be in your repertoire.

A flexible/bendable LCD display that can be wrapped around your wrist was on display – the possible uses for LCD screens which don’t have to be flat are mind boggling, and it’s not just that the visual interface can be bent or repositioned to your taste that makes this developement amazing to me. It’s the fact that the electronic circuits that drive the flexible LCD screen are being bent and flexed also…without breaking or disabling this new-fangled kind of portable device that could include GPS, cell phone and streaming entertainment capabilities.

The exciting flexible LCD displayed by Asus.

Just recalling these items to mind brings back the excitement of seeing them in person, I look forward to doing this again.




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