CES 2010, First-timer Impressions

Overall Score

As a CES “first-timer” I was expecting great things from one of the most talked about electronics showcases in the USA, let’s just say I was not dissappointed.  While I have been to COMDEX and SEMICON West trade shows which are (or have been) rather large in content and attendance, CES 2010 seemed a bit larger.

As most who will read this already know, these are exciting times for technophiles (geeks) and it looks like the excitement will continue for quite a while.

This review of CES 2010 will be done with rather broad strokes and a few nuggets which I personally found fascinating.

First off, I want to commend the CEA organization for having shuttles to the major hotels, while taxis were always available, the constant traffic and travel fees tend to whittle a person’s sanity and wallet down.

Registration/check-in seemed to go reasonably well even though I’m sure there were SNAFUs due to the sheer quantity of people at the show.

Here are just a few things I found noteworthy during my adventures at CES 2010:

Accessories for cellphones/iPods/”cellpods” were everywhere, the word “glut” came to mind while walking the aisles filled with ways to personalize your favorite communication device.

Batteries and “green power” to keep said “pods” running were not far behind.  Induction (cordless) chargers are becoming more popular for handheld electronics and while adding the circuitry may initially increase the cost of portable electronics, I think most will appreciate the convenience factor along with not having to keep a separate charger around for each device.

(next page has pictures)   🙂


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