Build Your Own Total System Power Analyzer

Overall Score

OCCT is another overclocker’s utility to system stability. While not as commonly used as Prime95 or Cinebench in site reviews, you can find it used by many enthusiast throughout the back alley way of the forums. OCCT is a Russian written stress utility that provides options to focus on the CPU, memory or both. More recent versions (we used version 2.0 here) include GPU stressing options as well.

The OCCT run was accomplished by turning on the stress application for CPU, mix (CPU and memory), and memory only which results in three separate plateau events shown below.




For the three commonly used (two by hardware review sites and one by avid overclockers) we see OCCT wins, hands down, the honors for driving a CPU the hardest in terms of power consumption. The CPU only stress test will push the CPU as much as 133 W, while the memory stress testing pushes the 3.3/5.0 V lines higher as expected. This particular profile illustrates a major draw back. At first glance one would conclude the 130 W QX6700 is exceeding it’s TDP, this is not true. We are measuring 132 W as drawn at the +12 VDC CPU socket, before the VRMs. The VRMs themselves are not 100% power efficient, in fact, VRMs can be as poor as 80% efficient such that the actual consumption is much lower.


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